The Journal: a poem

The Journal: a poem

Black lines
On white space
Feel the rhythm
Of ink on a page

Write the time
Today’s date
‘It’s been a while’
I’ve so much to say

Black lines
Like window bars
Hear the pain
Better than ears

Know the gush
Of drops undone
Salty, warm
Better than anyone

I began writing this back in September, during a time of painful, self-inflicted stress. I can only thank God’s goodness for parents.

When Marker Meets Newspaper

When Marker Meets Newspaper

Behold: blackout poetry!

I came across some pieces on Pinterest today and, after doing some research, fell in love with the idea. Artist and writer Austin Kleon created the process and calls it

"poetry made by redacting the words in a text with a permanent 
marker, leaving behind only a few choice words to make a poem"

Box the words you want to keep – checking that their order makes sense – and blackout everything else. So creative, and still so simple. Naturally, I grabbed a few sheets of newspaper and a black marker and sat down to try my hand at blackout poetry:

Blackout poetry
I accidentally blotted out part of the “a”!

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For Lola, A Year Later


You were so beautiful, Lola. Your love, selflessness and patience were never absent; not once in my life did I see you get mad.

In so many ways, it was so difficult. I have yet to experience anything more emotionally painful than this night, twelve months ago. But I know, at least, that you are no longer in pain. And I hope that you can see us today, so different from the people you left behind, and feel proud of who we have become. I hope it is close to the same feeling I get whenever I think of you.

You were a blessing I did not deserve and I thank God for watching over you now in a way we never could. Never will I forget you; always will I love you.

The Not-So-Complicated Relationship Between Peanut Butter and Me

The Not-So-Complicated Relationship Between Peanut Butter and Me

Peanut butter and I go way back.

A family favorite, I grew up eating the stuff. If there was ever one bread spread we couldn’t go without in the house, that was it.

Back in my elementary days, whenever hunger struck in the midst of doing homework, peanut butter sandwiches were the go-to snack.  Read more

Visit to an Old Folk’s Home

Visit to an Old Folk’s Home

Last summer, I was on the hunt for an old folk’s home to collaborate and initiate a community service group with at school. Though it turned out that finding a suitable home was harder than I’d anticipated, the hours of research and unsuccessful appointments finally paid off with our visit to one old folk’s home last month.

It was late morning when my friend and I visited the home, which was a reasonable drive from school. Read more

It’s Not You, It’s Me

It’s Not You, It’s Me

It’s over.

Well, no, but it certainly has been “a while”. “A while”, in this case, directly translating into “months”. Dear me. I think it feels longer though.

Oh, here it comes, you’re thinking. Another excuse, right about now.

And okay, looking back at some of my most recent posts, I’ve realized how often it just so happened that I fell prey to the evil publish-hindering odds. (Oh wow. Was I really that ridiculous?) So I couldn’t blame you if you’re expecting another one right now.

But fortunately, it’s not coming. Instead, I’m coming clean: it’s not you, it’s me. Read more


Week 12/47

Before you lunge at me for yet another tardy Project 47 post, hear me out:  the site (and the internet in general, for that matter) decided to be painstakingly slow last night!

So yes, you see, I would’ve been Sunday-night right on time this week. But with the technical difficulties and all … (okay, so I realize it’s not the most remarkable of reasons, but still perfectly understandable, don’t you think?)

Er, anyways! With that aside, I’ll be frank: I really must be coming off as some full-of-empty-promises kind of girl, which is downright horrible. I have therefore resolved to take advantage of the 4-day weekend by writing and publishing a blog post in the next few days!

Week 12.

My mom brought home a brand-new Nikon Coolpix AW100 the other night – in all its shockproof and waterproof glory – so of course, I was eagerly waiting for an opportunity to take it for a spin.

Bubbles underwater

Since my little brother wanted to got for a swim yesterday morning, I decided to join him and try out the new toy. I’d initially planned to lie down on the floor of the pool and take a picture of my brother as he glided on the surface for this shot, but of course, the result wasn’t exactly picture perfect.

Then again, I’m not one to complain about  accidental pictures that turn out well.