Less Desirable Rites of Passage

The six of us are having breakfast on the beach and, perhaps fitting for a family with three boys, the conversation has turned to rites of passage.

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The beachfront view

“You know, in some cultures, it’s a specific event,” I explain. “Like in that tribe we watched on Nat Geo, where boys have to put their arms into wooden tubes covered with fire ants.”

“Oh yeah,” my brothers say.

Mom shakes her head. “That’s terrible.”

“Well, supposedly it turns you from boy to man.”

“More like, from living to dead,” corrects Joshua, my youngest brother.

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The Search for Rhubarb: a short story

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”

“Could you please go fetch–,” Mrs. Bautista coughed and paused her stirring. “–barb for me, please.”

“Uh, sure po,” I replied, returning her smile with a shaky one of my own. As I made a show of swiveling around, I stole a glance over her shoulder and spied a plate of chopped potatoes and carrots next to the stove. Ah, rhubarb! That was a vegetable, I reasoned as I made my way to the vegetable garden at the back of their house. But what did it look like?

It was late Saturday morning and the fifth time in the last hour that Mrs. Bautista had asked me to fetch something for her dish. The responsibility had been handed to me because Joseph, my best friend and her son, had left to pick up some shallots (whatever those were) from the convenience store. Heaven knew that only made me wish harder for his speedy return.

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Archaic Name-Calling (Literary Affliction #1)

“You know, recently, I’ve been tempted to call people dolts or dunces when they do stupid things,” I admit. Sam, my best friend and fellow bibliophile, laughs. “Those books are getting to you,” she concludes, referring to the historical fiction novels I’ve been reading lately. “It’s not even the books!” I protest. “The books make me… Continue reading Archaic Name-Calling (Literary Affliction #1)