An Amateur on the Art of Blogging

Ah, yes. Blogging.

It’s an art. To those of you who’ve already got a fantastic feel for it, it probably isn’t as difficult. But to the blogging newbie? Oh yeah. You bet it is. And in fact, I’m speaking based on a firsthand experience. Which is to say, the one I’m having right now.

Brainstorming blog ideas
My little mini-me surrounded by my blog topics

Being a Generation Z, I’m no alien to blogs (I kept a school blog on climate change some years ago). But it was only recently, when we were asked to create one for a school assignment, that my interest was rekindled. I mean, I’ve always been into writing and as of 2010, I also began keeping a journal. Blogging, though, is uncharted territory. A place that  I’ve walked past and taken second glances at, but never actually ventured into.

Okay, so I’ll admit that prior to creating this blog, I did actually Google ‘what to blog about’ and read a couple of articles. And when I finally got the guts to set it up, I actually did that little exercise on the Get Started manual where you draw your mini-me and and give yourself 60 seconds to brainstorm possible blog topics (I was rushing, so unfortunately, my illustration and handwriting skills aren’t optimally displayed in this photo).

But then again, information can only take us so far and there are still so many other aspects to the art. Writing a killer blog post title? Maintaining my unique writing style? Actually having something to write about? Might as well major in it! Haha, no, I’m exaggerating. But it’s unfamiliar waters I’m treading in here.

Is the grass greener in this foreign land? Will I one day master the great art of blogging? They say experience is the best teacher. And so, I begin the great journey of the blogger.

So here goes blogging, for better or for worse. But I suppose I’ve known all along; falling in love will be inevitable.

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