Photography · Project 47

Project 47

So, a quick look around my blog and you’ll find near to nothing. No joke. It’s sad – it really is – especially after all the gusto I so passionately expressed in my last post. Which I published 4 months ago. And was also, not to mention, my very first post … yeah. In terms of blogging experience, I’ve got a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go.

And so, I’ve decided to be pushy with myself.

Inspired by the occasional Freshly Pressed posts I read, my mom who works-but-still-manages-to-keep-a-blog-better-than-I-can, a recent photography club I joined and the Project 365s I’ve read about, I’ve come up with my own – Project 47.

Simply put, at least one photo every week for the remaining 47 weeks of 2012.

Here we go.

Week 1.

Taken during our ‘lighting’ session in photography club and later found it resembled those pictures showing only half the Buddha’s face. Featuring a close friend of my brother’s.

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