Project 47

Week 3/47

It’s Sunday evening and I’m finally uploading my Project 47 photo. I was actually really worried, particularly for the scenario where I wouldn’t actually have a photo to upload, since I hardly took any photos this week. But here I am – at the last minute – with a photo I took just about an hour or two ago. I’m so used to cramming, it’s absolutely horrible. Oh, Hannah.

I was actually having a hard time choosing between this photo and another with two synchronized stormtroopers, but as a photographer, I must learn to be selective, you know. (Wink, wink.)

Week 3. 

Here it is, taken while at a friend’s house playing around with little Lego Star Wars figurines (’cause she’s into photography too!) Featuring Master Yoda as the knight in shining, er, robes, coming to the rescue! I think it’s great how his lightsaber kind of actually glows too, haha!


2 thoughts on “Week 3/47

  1. It’s a fun photo, and not only the light sable glows, but what seems to be a wall. As photographers we all too often forget to play around. Keep going!

    1. Thanks so much Mr. Munchow! It was actually a red plastic box with holes that we put the figurine in, haha. But you bet, playing around is a great way to get our creative minds thinking!

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