Project 47

Week 9/47

Late again, I know, I know. I assure you though, I was ready to upload this on Sunday night. Unfortunately, my wonderful camera decided to take a nap. (Though I suppose it was well-deserved, I’ll give it that.)

Week 9.

The weather this past Sunday was quite lovely, so an Easter get-together with family friends went well. They made sure a table to the side was strewn with brushes, poster paints and glitter, which my brothers and a few other kids used to personalized their eggs. You gotta love the way they paint and decorate them (a smiley face, glitter galore, an alleged ninja egg, etc.)!

Three painted eggs

Afterwards, there was an Easter egg hunt, which was certainly the most exciting part (and in the end, one of my brothers found the most eggs, obviously the result of the help he received from his older brother and sister). My parents never really raised us to celebrate with the whole Easter eggs/bunny thing though, so as not to overshadow the true meaning of the occasion.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!


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