Project 47

Weeks 10 and 11/47

Three regrets: firstly, the tardiness of yet another Project 47 photo, sigh. Secondly, I haven’t been picking up my camera much lately, which is a real pity. And thirdly, I’ve literally got over five drafts for blog posts, but never find the time to write and complete them. Bummer.

Week 10.

Since we were doing portraits during the other week’s photography club session, my partner and I ended up at our school’s “adventure playground” for a location.

Playground portrait

I instantly loved the interestingness in the strips of sunlight that shone through the spaces in the wooden boards, so I took a few shots there. Now that I realize, the angle of the floorboard’s lines provide some interesting contrast in pattern too.

Week 11.

This one was taken after a photography club session as my brothers and I waited for the car. Observing the world through my “aspiring photographer” eyes, I was running the concept of “Every photo should tell a story” through my head when a taxi driver waiting in his taxi caught my eye. The reflections in the rear window added some interestingness to the candid shot.

I’d originally seen it as more of a black & white photo, but only when I started writing this did I realize that I realize I liked it better in color.

Taxi driver looking out


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