The Not-So-Complicated Relationship Between Peanut Butter and Me

Peanut butter and I go way back.

A family favorite, I grew up eating the stuff. If there was ever one bread spread we couldn’t go without in the house, that was it.

Back in my elementary days, whenever hunger struck in the midst of doing homework, peanut butter sandwiches were the go-to snack. Smother two slices of white bread with the creamy substance, smack them together, pop in the oven toaster if desired and bam! Hunger satisfied.

It was also a big plus that a 2nd grader could make it easily enough with hardly any assistance required (save for the stool I needed to open the top cupboard where the jar was lovingly kept).

Indeed, no sandwich was ever as familiar as that of the peanut butter, always best enjoyed with a glass of cold milk.

But though they certainly got me through many afternoons, after a while, I started looking for change. Simply trying crunchy peanut butter and Goober’s PB&J variant in lieu of the creamy kind would not suffice. No longer would my sense of adventure or confidence in my 8-year-old cooking skills permit me to be the boring creamy peanut butter sandwich-eater! No! I demanded change!

So began several experiments, the first of which was a dip of melted peanut butter with corn flakes and banana slices (my simplified version of peanut butter-and-corn flakes-covered bananas). Next came the peanut butter-and-banana sandwich, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (which I’d heard of, but didn’t think were sold where I lived), peanut butter pancakes and eventually my most recent undertaking, a peanut butter mug cake.

And oh, it was great fun discovering other ways I could enjoy my favorite bread spread, though I did always go back to the classic peanut butter sandwich. But hey, still. I had loved each concoction because of the mere fact that it had contained peanut butter.

That’s why, through our many ups and downs, the two of us are okay.

After all, it’s not like I live off of peanut butter. Or that I put peanut butter on everything I eat. Or that I love absolutely anything that’s got peanut butter in it. Or that I never tire off peanut butter either. Goodness, no.

It’s just that, well, I love it.

I love peanut butter.


3 thoughts on “The Not-So-Complicated Relationship Between Peanut Butter and Me

  1. Yum – I read an article recently about how to make peanut butter and jelly ice cream, there’s an idea! Everyone says peanut butter is impossible to find in London…not entirely true, but it definitely doesn’t taste as good as the kinds back home :p

    1. That certainly sounds like an interesting concoction! Haha, glad to be reassured that you can find peanut butter where you live; I would not wish otherwise for you ; ) What brands do they have there?

  2. hehe i have to say i checked at home this morning (obviously didn’t make that much of an impression on me all these months) – the one i use is just the generic waitrose brand! nothing to write home about, but it’ll do the job 🙂

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